Our Pride & Joy

Here’s how we migrate our UX design from mood board to reality

The Process

Our UX design process is not as confidential as KFC’s chicken recipe, and we are big-hearted folk. So, we’re sharing it with you!
  • 01
    To solve a problem, we must first distil its essence. This is where our field research begins: we go out and talk to various people, such as the frustrated employee in charge of updating website content, the unhappy end user who sent that long email complaint, and the clueless Luddite who has never navigated a website for life-simplifying information. Through focus groups, surveys, and one-on-one interviews, we piece together a big picture of everything that contributes to the problem. Then, we pinpoint areas of improvement for the website to shine.
  • 02
    This is the part where we make the website shine. Armed with limitless creativity and dedication, we generate electric ideas that power a website’s evolution from diamond in the rough to flawless gem. First, we construct wireframes, which illustrate what functions and features should be introduced to our client’s website. Then, we flesh these out into actual designs in full, glorious technicolour.
  • 03
    We are not complacent enough to assume that theory translates to practice smoothly. In this third and final leg of the process, we test our designs, sometimes via concept testing or prototype testing. Doing so allows us to preview what end users would experience, which facilitates the fixing of unanticipated problems early on.