Book2Use Mobile App


Managing condominium facility bookings is challenging. We learnt this after speaking to, and observing condo managers at work. Traditionally, the process of booking facilities is manual and tedious; condo managers would record bookings by writing them down in notebooks! We are already in the digital age, so this is an obsolete and inefficient method for various reasons. For one, residents would have to travel to the condo management's office to make a booking, or just to pay for a booking they made online via a system that does not accept online payment. Usually, additional trips are required if a booking needs to be changed or edited. Then, condo managers would pore over their handwritten records to check for issues such as the remaining available time slots for the relevant facility, and whether the booking in question would result in double-booking.

Our challenge lied in creating a user-friendly application that digitises and streamlines the facility booking process to better the lives of condo residents.

  • Book A Facility Easily
    Residents can book a facility wherever they are in three simple steps
  • Go Cashless
    Residents can pay for the facilities easily through the app
  • Set Facility Rules
    Condo managers can set rules to ensure that booking quotas are in place and cross-booking is disallowed