Government of Singapore


The Singapore Customs website contained a wealth of information. While its content was useful, it was difficult to navigate it for relevant web pages. Our challenge lay in reorganising the structure, and revamping the content of the website so that users can obtain what they seek easily.

  • 01
    Public Feedback
    The design and structure of the website was based on comments from member of the public.
  • 02
    Internal Stakeholders Workshop
    The homepage designs were presented to departement representatives so that they could vote for their preferred concepts, and give feedback about each of them.
  • 03
    Concept Test
    A survey was conducted for users to choose their preferred homepage concept, and to share comments on the designs.
  • Card Homepage
    Organise the homepage into neat sections that can be toggled full-screen invididually. This helps users focus on just one content area at a time.
  • Dynamic Look
    Introduce vibrant colours and neat grids to display the content in a lively and interesting manner.
  • Information Architecture
    Simplify the tangled information architecture into a simple one with just four main items.