The GoSafeOnline website serves as an Internet safety resource for Singaporeans. It contains useful articles and tips about the latest trends and concerns in Singapore. For example, when the government introduced Two-factor Authentication (2FA) for its e-services, the website explained this move's importance. And at the height of Pokemon GO's popularity, it also offered an article on the dangers of malicious apps disguised as decent ones.

Despite the relevance of the information above, however, data analytics revealed that few people were reading the website. This was mainly because of its antiquated design: the website looked like an artefact from the early 2000s. Our challenge was to give it a modern facelift to make its current and relevant content more inviting to read.

  • Dynamic Look
    Introduce vibrant colours and relevant images to create a lively and animated design
  • Grid Layout
    Implement a grid layout on the homepage that maximises space while maintaining a clean and modern look
  • Popular Articles
    Direct users to relevant content by offering popular articles tailored to their individual profiles