Smart Nation Singapore


Smart Nation is Singapore's national movement towards supporting better lives through technology. Prior to the project, Smart Nation did not have its own website. Our challenge was to establish Smart Nation’s online presence, and pique Singaporeans' interest in this programme.

  • 01
    Online Survey
    A survey was conducted to estimate Singaporeans' interest in, and understanding of Smart Nation.
  • 02
    Post-launch Focus Groups
    Focus groups were held after the beta launch of the website to collect feedback on how its content could be strengthened.
  • 03
    SEO Analysis
    The website was evaluated based on its SEO friendliness. Problems and areas of improvement were pointed out and worked on.
  • Interactive Map
    Implement on the homepage an interactive map of Singapore that contains information about various Smart Nation initiatives.
  • Branding
    Create a clean and friendly look that is now part of the overall branding of Smart Nation.
  • Content Strategy
    Introduce new content and articles that align with organisational goals, and meet user needs simultaneously. This makes the website more interesting and/or relevant, which results in better SEO than before.